Worth Repeating

Kind words from past and current partners.

“You are the writer all editors want on their team—you are insightful and thoughtful, ask the right questions, and clearly care about the work you’re doing and the audiences you’re doing it for.”

Dr Fio Dossetto, Editorial Lead at Postmark

“Laura is a magician. She has a unique ability to take a jumbled conversation or interview and turn it into a several thousand word resource that provides immense value for the reader. She delivers clarity with joy, and she’s one of my favorite people to work with because we always both leave our conversations with a smile.”

Jon MacDonald, Founder and President at The Good

One of my favorite things about Laura is that she’s never ‘just there to collect a paycheck.’ I’ve felt that she was emotionally invested in every project we’ve collaborated on, and that she was always making suggestions or going out of her way to get a better result for our organization. In a world where working relationships feel increasingly transactional, it’s so refreshing to have someone on our team who actually gives a damn about the company, the project, and the people involved.”

James Sowers, Director of Marketing at The Good

“We’ve tried to hire full agencies and they paled in comparison to the work Laura has done. She brings fresh ideas, and cares about quality in a way that not enough people do. She quickly learned our voice and has even helped us realize things we didn’t know about ourselves. If you’re struggling with growing a newsletter, honing your website copy or launching a content marketing campaign hire Laura.”

Andrew Askins, CEO and Partner at Krit

“Laura has been an integral part of our small team. When you create content that matters, you have to have a deep understanding of your customers (their hopes, dreams and values) and its a hard thing to translate that into copy that creates real value. Laura has incredible insights and high integrity and has elevated our storytelling and customer experience. We couldn’t do what we do without her contributions.”

Greg Hilton, Co-founder and Managing Partner at SOCO