The average person spends 5.6 hours (per weekday!) in their email. If you want to go where your customers are, email is a really good place to start. It’s a scalable way to engage your audience, build up positive brand impressions, and spread your story.

If you don’t already have a system in place, I can help you identify, set up, and start using an email marketing platform. I’ll also help you pinpoint and deliver content your customers want to read.

The “link roundup” is a popular newsletter format. With this option, I identify and compile third-party content that adds value to your customers’ lives. Maybe that’s management tips. Or maybe it’s insider news for your industry. Whatever it is, I work with you to make sure your customers want to read it.

I price newsletter packages according to how often you’d like to send your email blasts and what type of content you’d like to include.

Each newsletter package includes:

  • An hour-long, virtual Discovery session
  • In-depth audience research
  • Competitor and market research
  • Content entry
  • Segmentation suggestions
  • Scheduled delivery
  • Monthly analytics review
  • Seriously enticing subject lines

“Not only has she helped us grow our newsletter and bring in new leads through our content marketing, working with her is a constant pleasure. We joke at our company about the Laura bar – the crazy high bar she sets for everyone else we work with.”


Andrew Askins

CEO at KritĀ