Krit is growing agency based in Charleston, South Carolina. They help non-technical founders at B2B startups turn ideas into incredible web and mobile apps.

They have a strong brand, compelling values system, and hilarious personality (thanks to some really hard work by the founders!). They also love engaging their audience.

In 2018, their focus was GROWTH…and did they ever nail it. In 2018, Krit closed close to $300,000 in business through content. This included growing their newsletter and blog, and I’m proud to be involved in both.

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Laura. Consistency is one of the most important parts of content marketing, but it’s one of my biggest weaknesses. Hiring Laura instantly fixed that weakness.

Not only has she helped us grow our newsletter and bring in new leads through our content marketing, working with her is a constant pleasure. We joke at our company about the Laura bar – the crazy high bar she sets for everyone else we work with.

We’ve tried to hire full agencies and they paled in comparison to the work she has done. She brings fresh ideas, and cares about quality in a way that not enough people do. She quickly learned our voice and has even helped us realize things we didn’t know about ourselves. It takes so little work to edit her writing because it’s always top notch.

If you’re struggling with growing a newsletter, honing your website copy or launching a content marketing campaign hire Laura.”


Andrew Askins

CEO at Krit
A homepage revamp was my very first project with Krit!

Since 2017, I’ve helped Andrew Askins, CEO at Krit, compile and send a weekly newsletter to over 1,800 readers…and growing.

More recently, I’ve partnered with their team to regularly produce longer content. I’d say it’s hard work, but with a team this fun, everything feels a little bit easier.