And most of the things you do are things only you can do. Driving sales, strategizing company direction, defining the product—those are you things. If you could outsource them, you would. But they’re in your court, and they keep you plenty busy, thank you very much.

Guess what? Writing doesn’t have to be a you thing.

The newsletter, blog content, and website copy? You can hand those off to me.

Especially if you:

  • Deliver real value but don’t know a concise way to explain it
  • Tried to write copy but found it came out too stiff, awkward, or full of jargon
  • Want to start a newsletter, but Mailchimp or ConvertKit or Drip?
  • Toss random topics on your blog, hoping one of them will earn conversions
  • Struggle to consistently produce quality content for long periods of time

Wouldn’t it be nice to get it all done AND have a little more brain space?

To work from your strengths, not your weaknesses?