As in, real tough. And it involves a ton of words. You use them in email, on your website, inside printed materials, and in person when you pitch. But when you’re in the trenches of running a growing business?

You rarely have time to write—let alone research and hone—your message. 

Maybe you, like other busy founders:

  • Serve up insane value but aren’t sure how to explain it
  • Have rave reviews but haven’t leveraged them to drive more business
  • Tried to write copy but found it came out too stiff, awkward, or full of jargon 
  • Would love to target an ideal customer but don’t know how to speak to them
  • Have a growing audience but no time to engage them

When you’re tangled up in other parts of your business, figuring that stuff out isn’t just annoying; it’s exhausting and time-consuming.

Worse, it can feel like you’re spinning your wheels while a load of business to-dos pile up.

As if you needed more stress over there.

The good news is: you don’t have to DIY your messaging.