1. You care about people and relationships. 

People are at the heart of everything you do, and treating them with kindness and respect is one of your top priorities. That includes your customers and me.

2. You believe good content is an investment.

You have a minimum of $3,000 to invest in writing projects. Or, a minimum of $750 to invest in monthly content. You understand I’ll spend a lot of time getting to know your business, and you know quality work takes effort. You recognize the content, insights, and direction I provide will provide value to many parts of your business for years to come.

3. You trust me to do my work, but you want to be involved.

I always involve feedback and ideas from founders I partner with. That’s exciting to you, and you’re up for providing thoughtful, strategic feedback on any work I send you.

4. You understand that a message has to be clear before it’s anything else.

You could sell yourself in a flashy and easily-misinterpreted way. Or you do it in a plain-spoken and effective way. Given the choice, you’d take the latter. You know the main thing—the bottom-line important thing—is to get the right people to buy into your product.

5. You know where you want to go.

I want to help you get somewhere meaningful, and you know what “meaningful” looks like. We’ll work best if you have a target (audience, goal, outcome) in mind and an interest in figuring out the best way to get there.

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