I live on a mountain (eh, very large hill) in Chattanooga, TN. My husband, Ben, moonlights as my CFO, a soccer coach, and experimental ice-cream-maker — when he’s not knee-deep in actuary spreadsheets. We have one rescue pup and the sweetest baby girl.

When I’m not working with words or chasing after those three, I’m running around town or making stuff in the kitchen. Current projects refinishing estate sale finds, sustaining house plants (some have made it three years!), and constantly moving art around the house.

Weird fact: I took apart doorknobs as a kid.

I know. But it makes a ton of sense if you look at the personality tests I’ve taken. They agree on two things:

1. I’m excellent at gathering information.

like research. I love learning, and I get excited to work on projects that take me into new territory. Clients frequently say things like, “wow, this is SO thorough,” and, “I’m super impressed with the examples you dug up.”

2. I’m good at pinpointing and resolving problems.

For better or worse, I’m good at noticing what’s broken. For you, that means I’ll quickly find gaps in the content you’re working on and the processes you have in place. But I don’t stop at noting the problem. I’m big on solutions, too.

In addition to writing, these two strengths — research and problem-solving — are skills I bring to every project. I won’t take apart any of your doorknobs, though. I promise.

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