Explaining your business is tough.

Words are a key way you persuade your audience. You use them in email, on your website, on printed materials, and in person when you pitch. But when you’re in the trenches of running a growing business, you rarely have time to write—let alone research and hone—your message. 

Maybe you, like other busy entrepreneurs:

  • Serve up insane value but aren’t sure how to articulate it.
  • Have rave reviews but haven’t leveraged them to drive more business. 
  • Tried to write copy but found it came out too stiff, awkward, or full of jargon. 
  • Would love to target an ideal customer but don’t know how to speak to them.
  • Have a growing audience but no time to engage them. 

When you’re tangled up in other parts of your business, figuring this stuff out isn’t just annoying; it’s exhausting and time-consuming. Worse, it can feel like you’re spinning your wheels while a load of business to-dos pile up.

Talk about excess stress you don’t need!

The good news is: you don’t have to DIY your messaging.

What I do

Copywriting that connects you to your customer, without any fluff or gimmicks.

Web Content

Build a content archive that generates leads and supports your mailing list.


One of my clients jokes about the “Laura Bar”—the crazy high bar I set for any work I do.

Are we a good fit?

I’m not perfect for every business. Here’s how to know whether we’d make a good team.

1. You’re all about people and mission. 

You established your business because you saw an opportunity to add value to people’s lives. Now, you’re on a mission to do that in a deeply impactful way. People are at the heart of everything you do and treating them with kindness and respect is one of your top priorities.

2. You believe good messaging is an investment.

You understand that I’ll spend a lot of time getting to know your business. In the process, I’ll supply a load of insights and ideas. As a savvy entrepreneur, you recognize that the copy, insights, and direction I provide will translate to many different parts of your business, for years to come.

3. You trust me to do my work, but you still want to be involved.

My best work always involves feedback and ideas from the founders I partner with. That’s exciting to you, and you’re up for providing thoughtful, strategic feedback on any work I send you.

4. You understand that a message has to be clear before it’s anything else.

You’d rather your message be clear and plain english vs. sexy and flashy. You know it’s bottom-line important to get the right people to go “Ah-ha! This is for me!”

Worth Repeating

Kind words from past and current partners.

“Laura has been an integral part of our small team. When you create content that matters, you have to have a deep understanding of your customers (their hopes, dreams and values) and its a hard thing to translate that into copy that creates real value. Laura has incredible insights and high integrity and has elevated our storytelling and customer experience. We couldn’t do what we do without her contributions.”

Greg Hilton

“When you’re running a business, wrangling copy can be so frustrating. Laura took that off my plate and helped with loads of internal documents, marketing materials, and website copy. She’s a fantastic partner.”

Sara Cannon

“We’ve tried to hire full agencies and they paled in comparison to the work Laura has done. She brings fresh ideas, and cares about quality in a way that not enough people do. She quickly learned our voice and has even helped us realize things we didn’t know about ourselves. If you’re struggling with growing a newsletter, honing your website copy or launching a content marketing campaign hire Laura.”

Andrew Askins

“Writing copy is not my strong suit at all and I was determined to get the best help. Laura was the answer. I felt like my ideas were fully understood and she was able to really get the message across in her copy. I’d highly recommend Laura for all your copy-needs!”

Ben Tossell

“Laura has saved me so much time. In addition, she was able to layout the wording with tone and personality.  She provided bite sized ”tools’ that I get to use as integral pieces of branding and developing the personality of the company. I am so proud to share her work everywhere!”

Starlitt Miller

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I invest a lot of time getting to know you and your business. Small projects start at $500.